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Jump into the world filled with full of fun rhymes. Right from old favorite rhymes to new tunes we’ve  covered everything. Here are 3 three rhymes you can teach your kid today! 

Two little dicky birds

Two little dicky birds, 

Sitting on the wall

One named Peter

One named Paul

Fly away Peter

Fly away Paul

Come back Peter 

Come back Paul. 

Bird house 

Little bird, little bird

Look at me! 

I have a bird house, 

 Oh Come back and see! 

Little boy, little boy, 

Under the tree, 

I like this house, 

Give it to me. 

See the bug

See the bug see the bug

I will give his legs 

See him run, see him go.

He did not like it, no! no!

See him hop on the mop.

See him hide, make me stop.

I will stop, I will not tug.

You are safe, Little bug


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