Manu and the Mango Basket- A story on Dishonesty

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Teaching kids about dishonesty and the value of telling truth is very essential. It has be taught right from their young age. When values are taught in the form of stories for kids, they are understood in the best way.

Once upon a time, in a quaint village nestled amidst the lush greenery of the Western Ghats, there lived a mischievous mongoose named Manu. Manu was known far and wide for his cleverness and cunning ways.

One sunny day, as Manu roamed the bustling streets of the village, he spotted a basket of ripe mangoes left unattended near the bustling bazaar. His eyes sparkled with excitement at the sight of the juicy fruits. However, Manu knew that taking the mangoes without permission would be dishonest.

Despite his better judgment, the temptation proved too strong for Manu to resist. With stealthy movements, he snuck up to the basket and swiftly grabbed a mango before scampering away into the nearby mango grove.

As Manu relished the sweet taste of the stolen mango, a pang of guilt crept into his heart. He knew that what he had done was wrong. Deep down, he felt ashamed of his dishonesty and wished he could undo his actions.

That night, as Manu lay curled up in his cozy burrow beneath a banyan tree, he couldn’t shake off the feeling of remorse weighing heavily upon him. He realized that being dishonest didn’t bring him any joy. Determined to make amends, Manu resolved to return the stolen mango and always choose honesty in the future.

The next morning, with a resolve in his heart, Manu returned to the bazaar and placed the mango back in the basket where he had taken it from. From that day forward, Manu embraced the value of honesty, knowing that it was the true path to happiness and contentment.

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