How to reduce the screentime of kids?

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What does your child do once  they are back from nursery/school? 

We’ll not be surprised if your answer is ” They do not do anything much, they play for a while and spend time on tab/television/mobile.” 

Children are getting engaged and spending most of their time on screens. This is very bad for their eyesight and it also makes them addicted to it. This is the stage when kids will be curious and find joy in little things. You have to ensure your kids have a childhood filled with joyful memories instead of full on screen time. 

So how do we engage the kids which helps in their physical and mental development. 

  • Cooking together:  Involve them during the cooking process. Cooking is such a basic chote and it should be learnt by everyone. Make the process seem interesting for the kids so that they will be helping you at the same time you can have good talk. Ask them to fetch a bowl from the cupboard or bring the veggies from the refrigerator making then feel they’re a part of it and when the dish is done, they get a sense of accomplishment for cooking a dish. 

  • Outdoor play: Take them out to a park or if you’re having your own outdoor space, take them there and play along with them. Having physical activity on a daily basis can be taken as mandatory. Kids’ health depends on how active they are during their growing years. 

  • Puzzles and games: Puzzles and games help in the cognitive development of the child. Childs get easily engaged with the games and it helps in improving problem solving skills and fine motor skills. provides you with exciting puzzles and riddles for kids.

  • Storytelling: Narrate stories to your kids with expressive voices and animated facial expressions. Encourage them to guess what might happen next and ask questions. Along with that, teach them new words during the storytelling

  • Art and crafts: Art and crafts enhance the creativity in the child. Children are the most creative as they have great imaginative ability. They do not restrict themselves while creating crafts. Let them explore different arts. Finger painting, colouring, etc would be good activities to start with. 

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Tipparaju Bhavya

A digital marketing enthusiast here to create a world full of imagination for kids with stories, poems, rhymes.

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    Hey! Loved your blog on reducing kids’ screen time! Seriously, it’s like a constant battle these days, and your tips are just what I needed. Going to try out the ‘cooking together’ for sure. Thanks for keeping it real and relatable!

    To my fellow parents, here is another fun tip,
    try something creative like, ‘tech-free weekends’ with your lil ones, where no one in the family will use any gadgets and spend time together. As we know, kids learn from what they see and feel, & So, leaving the gadgets for a while should be done by us, as well.

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