Nutrition and development: How to make your children eat healthy food

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Inculcating healthy food habits for children is very crucial. It is a growing stage for them and impacts their development. 

Kids are very much attracted to having chocolates, chips and all the junk. They might be resistant to eating healthy food such as fruits and vegetables as all they want is junk! 

So how can you make your children eat healthy food? 

Make it fun:

Name the dishes in a fun way instead of using the same old names. They think that you have cooked something new and would like to try the dish. 

Do not force them, encourage them to eat healthy food:

Explain to them why it is important to have fruits and vegetables in the diet. Do not force them. 

Show them that you enjoy eating healthy food, then they are more likely to follow your routine.

Variety is the key:

Introduce a variety of healthy food to prevent boredom. Rotate different fruits and vegetables,grains and protein to keep their diet interesting.

Give them cheat meals:

Promise them that they can have a cheat meal which they like if they have healthy food. This makes the kids eat the healthy food without hesitation.

Involve them:

Involve them in grocery shopping. Let them choose their favourite fruits and veggies. Ask them to be along with you during the cooking process. This can create interest in them to have the food.

Try different recipes with vegetables:

One day if you cook a curry, the other day try to make a juice out of it. For example: A beetroot curry, beetroot and carrot juice.

Try to cook the same vegetable in different ways to make it appealing for the kids. Such as salads, juices, curries, smoothies,etc

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