Short story for children : “The Little Gardener’s Surprise”

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The Little Gardener’s surprise is a short story for children which teaches them about selflessness and kindness.

Once upon a time, there was a small village which was between rolling hills and green meadows. There lived a little girl named asha. 

Asha was a very energetic and active girl and loved spending time outside. 

Everyday she would go near the pond to play,

Asha loved flowers more than anything in the world. One day she found flowers which were colorful and were of all shapes and sizes.

As she was exploring the flowers, she noticed a tiny sprout in a corner. It wasn’t like the other flowers, and Asha was curious to see what would grow from it.

Asha waited for a few days for the flower to grow.

 As she was visiting the pond again after a few days, To her surprise, the sprout grew into a magical flower that sparkled in the morning sun.

The magical flower spoke to Asha and said, “Thank you for not plucking me. I am a wish flower, and if you make a wish, I will make it come true.”

Asha’s eyes widened with joy. She thought long and hard about her wish. Finally, with a hopeful heart, she wished for the entire village to be filled with happiness.

In the evening, a gentle breeze carried its sparkling petals across the village. Laughter filled the air, and people felt a warm, joyful energy.

Asha’s wish had come true, and the village became an even more wonderful place.

From that day forward, the flower garden was no longer just a garden but a place where wishes blossomed into reality. People from the village would visit to make their wishes, and the magical flower continued to spread happiness far and wide.

And so, in the heart of the village, Asha and her magical flower taught everyone the power of kindness, the joy of making others happy, and the beauty of a community that shared love and wishes.

The moral of the story is: Kindness and selflessness have the power to make the world a more magical and joyful place for everyone.

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Tipparaju Bhavya

A digital marketing enthusiast here to create a world full of imagination for kids with stories, poems, rhymes.

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