Best nursery rhymes for kids

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Jack Be Nimble, Polly Put the Kettle On, Wee Willie Winkie nursery rhymes brings lot of joy while chanting it. Have fun and sing it loud!

Jack Be Nimble Lyrics

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick.

Jack jump over the candlestick.

Jack jumped high. Jack jumped low.

Jack jumped over, and burned his toe!

Polly Put the Kettle On Lyrics

Polly put the kettle on.

Polly put the kettle on.

We’ll all have tea.

Sukey, take it off again.

Sukey, take it off again.

Sukey, take it off again.

They’ve all gone away.

Wee Willie Winkie lyrics

Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town,

Upstairs and downstairs, in his nightgown;

Rapping at the window, crying through the lock,

“Are the children in their beds?

Now it’s eight o’clock.

These playful rhymes had been sourced from littlelearningcorner blog. And for more such rhymes and stories keep following


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