Fun things to do with kids at home

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With kids at home you crave for quality time and to do fun things. So what are you waiting for? Quickly read these tips, pick the ones you love the most and use them!

  1. Board Games or Card Games:
    • Choose games that are suitable for the whole family, such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno, or Pictionary.
  2. Movie or TV Show Marathon:
    • Pick a favourite series or a selection of family-friendly movies, make some popcorn, and have a cosy movie marathon.
  3. Indoor Picnic:
    • Lay out a picnic blanket in the living room, prepare some sandwiches and snacks, and enjoy an indoor picnic together.
  4. Cooking or Baking Session:
    • Choose a recipe that everyone can participate in making. It could be cookies, cupcakes, or a homemade pizza.
  5. Arts and Crafts:
    • Get creative with arts and crafts. You can paint, draw, make DIY crafts, or even try your hand at some simple origami.
  6. Puzzle Time:
    • Work on a jigsaw puzzle together. It’s a great way to engage everyone’s mind and work as a team.
  7. Storytelling or Reading Time:
    • Take turns reading a book aloud or create a collaborative story where each family member contributes a sentence.
  8. Indoor Scavenger Hunt:
    • Create a list of items to find around the house and have a scavenger hunt. You can make it educational by adding clues or trivia questions.
  9. Family Game Night:
    • Play video games together, whether it’s a console game or interactive games on platforms like Wii or Kinect.
  10. Home Theatre Experience:
    • Set up a mini home theatre with blankets and pillows. Dim the lights, and take turns being the “director” or “critic” after each show or movie.

IF you like these tips of fun things to do with kids, share it with fellow parents. Keep reading blogs on for stories and rhymes, riddles and parenting tips.


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