Fun jokes and puns for kids

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Kids love to hear fun jokes and puns. So what are you waiting for? Ask this fun questions and see how many of them they could answer.

1. Why is arithmetic so heavy? Because you have to carry numbers all day.

2. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Justin. Justin who? You’re just-in time for lunch.

3. When is a blue book not blue anymore? When it has been red! (read)

4. What school is the friendliest one? A “Hi” school (high school)

5. What does a book do when it’s feeling cold? It puts on a jacket!

6. Why do magicians always do well in math class? They can handle trick questions.

7. Why was the egg asked to leave the class? It kept telling yolks! (jokes)

8. What’s a snake’s favorite subject? Hisssstory

9. What does a duck use to solve math problems? A Quack-u-later (calculator).

10. What does a spider love to do in school? Work on web-sites!

11. Who’s the king of all the stationery? The ruler

12. What are the coolest letters in the alphabet? The AC

13. What is the favorite tree of an English professor? A poe-tree! (poetry)

14. What does an overqualified circle have? 360 degrees.

15. Why was the broom late to class? He over-swept! (overslept)

If you like these fun jokes and puns, share these to your friends and fellow parents who would like these too!

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