Free Nursery rhymes for the little ones – Must read

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Rainbow colours, animal dance and counting friends are beautiful nursery rhymes for you little ones which brings them energy and fun. They also help in teaching new words and their pronunciation.

Rainbow Colours:

In a world of colours, oh so bright,

Red and blue, yellow, green, and white.

From the sky, a rainbow appears,

Painting smiles and banishing fears.

Let’s dance with joy, hand in hand,

In a colourful, magical wonderland.

Counting Friends:

One, two, three, on a spree,

Counting friends, just like me.

Four, five, six, in a mix,

Let’s be friends, do some tricks!

Animal Dance:

Lions roar, monkeys swing,

Let’s all dance, the animals bring.

Elephants stomp, birds take flight,

Join the fun, it’s a party night!

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