Short story for children- Bob the Explorer

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Bob- The explorer is a short story for children which tells them about how people used to navigate things in the ancient times.

Did you know how people navigated things when there was no technology?

Let’s take a small example to understand this.

This is Bob

Bob needs to explore the forest everyday to find food 

Last time when he went in search of food he faced a dragon. The dragon was fierce and started attacking bob

After this incident Bob decided that his place is no longer a safe place to live and decided to migrate to another place.

So, bob was thinking about all the possible routes in the forest that he could take  to  escape such dangerous animals

Thinking of different routes confused bob. So he decided to note them down.

Bob had a few ideas and started experimenting them one by one. And while doing so he carved a route map on a huge rock. 

He also thought of going on a ship to another place and exploring different places.

But carrying a huge rock around would be a difficult task and nearly impossible and a journey without proper planning would be dangerous.

After more experimenting he finally figured the best way around!

He found a small piece of paper and drew the route on it.

Anyways, a piece of paper is much easier to carry around than a huge rock. 

And after a lot of planning he began his journey on ship and finally reached his destination.

And today the technology has developed so much that it’s become way easier to travel around and reach your destination.

This is a short story for children which helps to make children habituate reading as it simple to read and easy to understand. You can find more short stories and puzzles on, Do check them out!!


Tipparaju Bhavya

A digital marketing enthusiast here to create a world full of imagination for kids with stories, poems, rhymes.

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